What Does Scene Mean

What Does Scene Mean by Scene-Hair.com Summer 2008

Scene is term used to loosely define a population who listen to the same kind of music and have the same style of clothing. There are immensely networked on many of the social networking sites. They have literally hundreds of friends with whom they are constantly chatting. They also like to listen to unconventional music and can be found at places where they play bands (before they have become famous).

Scene-Hair.com Summer 2008

To get the scene look start with the hair. The hair is usually black or blonde and is straightened. You can even keep your original hair color. Get some streaks done in pink, blue or even green. Get lots of layering done. Scene hair is usually big and puffy on the top of the hair. There are many variations and you can be an original. Get the hair style before you get the entire look and the wardrobe else, you would be called a poser.


Skinny tights are extremely important. They can be in various colors and many washes. Tight fitting jeans are a must especially for the girls. Boys need to roll up their pants. Two color socks really go fine. Shirts should have an old feel. The older vintage shirts do just fine.