Scene Hairstyle Trends for Girls – Winter 2009

Scene Hairstyle Trends for Girls – Winter 2009

Scene hairstyles are very popular among many girls nowadays. And these types of hairstyles will continue to make waves even in the coming year. Several variations in terms of colors, cuts, and volumes will still be seen.Androgynous Scene Hairstyle 5

Short scene hairstyles for girls will continue to feature choppy layers. Girls with curly hair though need to have their hair straightened and razor cut first. Blonde and black are perfect scene colors for short hairstyles. However, you may color a few streaks with blue, green, and pink. For more dramatic effect, you may have black hair underneath your blonde locks. The back may be messed up with hair serum.

Blonde and black

If your hair is medium-length, it is important to create layers which are then razor-cut for that nice scene hairstyle. You may go for pink or blue colors for your entire head or just for a few streaks. Use products that add volume moderately; and use hairsprays instead of gels.

Blond Scene Hair 0

Long scene hairstyles will still be great for girls. But should you wish to cut your hair, you may just use hair extensions instead to sport a long scene hairstyle. Trim split ends regularly, and use products that are suitable to your hair type to maintain the healthy glow of your hair. Always brush and comb your hair too as it is very important to keep it tangle-free and color.

tangle-free and color