Scene Hairstyle Trends for Boys

Scene Hairstyle Trends for Boys

A scene hairstyle is all about being bold and glam. Its spirit is young, free, adventurous and avant-garde. Scene hairstyles are somewhat reinvented from the 80’s metal look, but with the modern day’s extra sophistication and lots of volume.

Androgynous Scene Hairstyle

Scene hairstyle trends for boys still feature straight cuts, long swept bangs, and choppy layers. Boys who prefer to keep their hair short can go for black or blonde with atypical color streaks or highlights which can be pink, blue, or green. Depending on your style, you can razor it or straighten it. You can choose to sport a Mohawk or a spiky look. Layering is not very important for short hair. But it is essential for boys with curly hair to straighten it. Before straightening your hair though, remember to apply heat protective serum to avoid damaging your hair.

Scene hairstyle trends for boys

Scene hairstyles for boys with medium length hair feature various hair colors, depending on their preference. But still, black and blonde are the most preferred colors. You should not apply any gel as it tends to spoil the scene look you want to sport. For some volume, razor your hair; and wash it regularly.
Boys with long hair can color it black or blonde too. But long hair entails extra care if you want to keep the shine and beauty of your locks.

Androgynous Scene Hairstyle 2

Trim your hair every 3 to 4 weeks to remove split ends. To keep your hair healthy, shampoo it regularly and use a conditioner suitable for colored hair. Avoid excessive blow drying and straightening as they can damage your hair.

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