Did You Know Baby Hair Can Grow Faster?

Some babies have long hair and some have short hair. It all depends on genetics and who you choose to have a baby with. Think carefully about the person you choose to have a baby from in terms of hair length. Now, the baby hair will grow naturally and the odds of it not being long in elementary school is low. So, you really got nothing you need to worry about for the first 6 years of your baby’s life. However, if your one of those parents that have a child and want to have more hair on head faster, then you should consider doing what other parents have done to make their baby hair grow faster. Read about this below.

Wash Hair With Baby Shampoo That Promote Growth

Wash Hair With Baby Shampoo

The best baby shampoo for baby hair growth is the one that promotes baby hair growth. The process is not a quick. It happens over a period of months. If you keep at it for 6 months, you should see baby hairs growing out of your baby more and more. Shampoo cleans the baby hair and make sure it is growing in places it is not. Adds minerals the baby needs to promote more hair growth. Now, it is important you don’t use any other shampoo when using this shampoo. I know some mothers like to use different shampoos on their baby month to month. Please do not do this. Baby hair is very sensitive and doing so can cause your baby to lose hair. Stick to the one baby shampoo that makes your baby hair grow for the next 6 months. When the baby hair at a length you are happy with, then you need to stop applying baby growing shampoo and switch to something else. In the end, wash your baby with baby shampoo that promotes growth and you will see good hair growing results.

Massage Baby Hair With baby Oil

Massage Baby Hair With baby Oil

Parents also like to massage their baby’s head with baby oil. Oil helps the hair loosen and clean thoroughly. Get in between the dirty cracks of the baby’s hair and root out all dead skin in hair. Wash the baby’s hair more thorough then regular shampoo wash. Most people think regular shampoo works just as good as oils. But, they are very wrong in their assumptions. Regular shampoo does not go in deep enough to clean the baby hair at its roots. That is part responsible for baby hair growth and promoting hair buried in the skull to grow. The massaging process is simple. Massage their head gently with baby oil a couple times a week. The hair should start growing better in a couple months.


Massaging baby’s hair is also an relaxing experience. Your baby will enjoy your time being spent on relaxing their hair. You will feel them look and smile at you in a way you never felt before. Feeling their energy and soft little eyes glancing into yours. Try massaging your baby with baby oil to understand.

Use Aloe Vera Gel In Baby Hair Washes

Aloe vera gel is another best baby shampoo for baby hair growth. It is great alternative to the shampoo I mentioned earlier. It’s more natural and comes from the Earth. Vitamin A, C, and E is absorbed into their scalp to promote hair growth. Humans have been using aloe vera to treat pains, hair, and skin cracks for thousands of years. Your baby will get the treatment his or her ancestors had when they wanted to clean their hair. Take the aloe vera gel and mix it water. Then, place it in your baby’s head for washing. Wash their heads a few times a week and they should have hair growing on the sides, front, back, and top soon.


Baby Hair Growth – How To Grow Your Baby’s Hair Faster?