How to Use Konjac Sponge?

At present, many people are more conscious about their physical appearance and they are willing to use some branded products to enhance their appearance. Most of the people give importance to their facial appearances, as it resembles to be their identity and they want to expose them as beauty loaded. Being beauty conscious is not an easy one to follow and people would try different cosmetic things, one of such basic thing is face cleaning or face wash. When comes to face cleaner people can find plenty of options, but not all remains safe to people skin.

So, it is always better to choose right one which do not affect the people skin because, if people are concerned about physical appearance then the good skin care is essential one for them. In general mostly people use chemical made products that may not suit for all, so most of the people would search for natural products to have healthy and glowing skin. Konjac sponge is one of such product that is made up of natural konjac root that is found in south side of Asia.

The konjac sponges are initially used by Japanese farmers to clean baby’s skin in gentle way and the sponges has capacity to remove all dead cells from the skin and moisturize the dry skin in regular usage. Due to this reason the konjac sponges are presently used for face wash by present people.

Different varieties of konjac sponges:

Although, the konjac sponges are natural cleansing product and it only gives perfect results when they are used in proper way. Many can think using natural skin product would end up in good results and do not have limitation but in reality even natural products have some limitations and certain ways to use. When it comes to konjac sponges, first it is necessary to choose the best konjac sponges and it was available in different colors such as green, grey, red and many. Each colored sponges has different active ingredients the green colored sponges has green tea, grey colored one has charcoal and read is with red clay. Likewise the konjac sponges have different varieties with different active ingredients.

How to use konjac sponges?

Even though when people choose their right konjac sponge for use then they would get cent percent results only when they use in proper way. Most of the time people do not aware how to use these konjac sponges and tend to use them in wrong way which may end up with serious effects. To make crystal clear here are some steps listed below which explains people how to use konjac sponges in proper way.

  • The konjac sponge generally becomes hard when they are dry so before using it is necessary to soak them in water. If it is first use then sponges should be soaked for at least 15 minutes to soften them, if it is used one 2 minutes soaking is enough.
  • Once the sponge is softened it would be expand 2 times larger than its original size, squeeze them using palms and remove excess water leaving them softer.
  •  Apply your favorite face wash or cleanser to the sponge and rub on the face in circular motion and in upward manner. If you are not using face wash it is better to do with plain sponges too.
  • While rubbing sponge focus on black heads, prone and acne areas to have exfoliator as the sponge is soft and non irritation it can be used on eyes, eye brows, and nose even in other areas too. This would help to remove dirt, dead cells, sunscreen lotion and makeup to make easy you can also add coconut oil to the sponge to remove eye makeup.
  • Once it is done rinse the sponge with cold water then squeeze it with palm in gentle manner to remove excess of water then hand them on wall to get dried.


When the konjac sponge is dried well, it is better to store them in place away from light and air as they are natural one they start to biodegrade. The best option is to store them in container and keep it in fridge while doing so the sponge would last for maximum six weeks of time. As these sponges are natural one they can be used in face, hands and other body parts too that results with healthy skin.